Intercloud Brokerages based on PLS Method for deploying Infrastructures for Big Data Analytics

Katsunori Miura (Kitami Institute of Technology Kitami), Tazro Ohta (Database Center for Life Science Kashiwa), Courtney Powell, Masaharu Munetomo (Hokkaido University)


This paper proposes an intercloud brokerage method for system infrastructure deployments of genomic big data analytics workflows. The proposed method utilizes a con- junction of universally quantified atomic formula to describe requirements given by users, and selects combinations of cloud services based on logical reasoning by the replacement of definite clause sets created from conjunction of the atomic formulas, while preserving the declarative meaning of the system infrastructures’ constraint conditions. We also define algorithms for the replace- ment of definite clause sets, and present an example of the use of the proposed intercloud brokerage method.