05 Dec, 2016
# Session Speaker(s) Time Venue
1 BDCOM Opening Remarks Ata Turk 01:30 PM - 01:50 PM Columbia C
2 Open Big Data Infrastructures to Everyone Konstantinos Tsakalozos, Cory Johns, Kevin Monroe, Pete VanderGiessens, Andrew Mcleod, and Antonio Rosales 01:50 PM - 02:10 PM Columbia C
3 Intercloud Brokerages based on PLS Method for deploying Infrastructures for Big Data Analytics Katsunori Miura, Tazro Ohta, Courtney Powell, and Masaharu Munetomo 02:10 PM - 02:30 PM Columbia C
4 Identifying Performance Bottlenecks in Hive: Use of Processor Counters Alexander Shulyak and Lizy John 02:30 PM - 02:50 PM Columbia C
5 Data-driven Cloud-based IT Services Performance Forecasting Genady Grabarnik, Mauro Tortonesi, and Larisa Shwartz 02:50 PM - 03:10 PM Columbia C
6 On-demand Data Analytics in HPC Environments at Leadership Computing Facilities: Challenges and Experiences John Harney, Seung-Hwan Lim, Sreenivas Sukumar, Dale Stansberry, and Peter Xenopoulos 03:10 PM - 03:30 PM Columbia C
7 Coffee Break ..... 03:30 PM - 03:50 PM
8 Leveraging Large Sensor Streams for Robust Cloud Control Alok Singh, Eric Stephan, Todd Elsethagen, Matt MacDuff, Bibi Raju, Malachi Schram, Kerstin Kleese van Dam, Darren J Kerbyson, and Ilkay Altintas 03:50 PM - 04:10 PM Columbia C
9 Fine-grained Power Analysis of Emerging Graph Processing Workloads for Cloud Operations Management Shuang Song, Xinnian Zheng, Andreas Gerstlauer, and Lizy K. John 04:10 PM - 04:30 PM Columbia C
10 Motivating Dynamic Features for Response Time Estimation within IT Operations Management Kayhan Moharreri 04:30 PM - 04:50 PM Columbia C
11 Holistic Disaster Recovery Approach For Big Data NoSQL Workloads Aharon Abadi, Ashraf Haib, Roie Melamed, Alaa Nassar, Aidan Shribman, and Hisham Yasin 04:50 PM - 05:10 PM Columbia C
12 Closing Remarks and Discussions Sastry S. Duri 05:10 PM - 05:30 PM Columbia C